Dashain Liquors

We are glad to introduce our Dashain Package to our valued costumer. This Services is available to Kathmandu Valley, Chitwan , Nawalparasi, Pokhara , Butwal Area. After you fill out this order request, we will contact you to go over details, availability, and payment confirmation before the order is completed. Delivery charge of AUD 10 will be extra. If you would like faster service and direct information on current stock and pricing please contact us at +61383758978 and +61452549850 (viber only )

Payment details for bank transfer:

Bsb: 033183
Acc num: 579924
Ac Name: Gift Nepal

For Paypal:

Once the deposit is made please send the screen shot of payment on 0452549850 or caketonepal2018@gmail.com.
While making payment Please put your name (sender Name) for reference .

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Jack Daniels AUD $85

Jack Daniels (JD 750 ml)


Ruslan vodka AUD $29

Ruslan vodka


Pepsi AUD $5

Jumbo Pepsi


Mazza AUD $2

Mazza (250ml)


Fanta AUD $5

Jumbo Fanta


Mix Fruit Juice AUD $2

Mixed fruit juice can (230ml)


Kingfisher Beer AUD $7

kingfisher strong beer (650ml)


Khukuri Rum AUD $32

Khukuri Rum (375 ml)


Leffe blonde beer AUD $8

Leffe blonde beer (330ml)


OD (black chimney) AUD $68

Old durbar black chimney (OD)


Blue Riband AUD $26

Blue riband (Gin)


Signature AUD $40

Signature (1 ltr)


Tuborg AUD $7

Tuborg Beer (650ml)


Nepal Ice AUD $7

Nepal ice (650 ml)


Red Label AUD $102

Johnnie walker Red label (1 ltr)


Gorkha Strong AUD $7

Gorkha Strong (650ml)


Jumbo Coke AUD $5

Jumbo Coke


Jumbo Sprite AUD $5

Jumbo Sprite


Jumbo Dew AUD $5

Jumbo Dew


Slice 1 Ltr AUD $3

Slice 1 Ltr


Real (all flavour) AUD $2

Real (all flavour)


Real Guava juice AUD $5

Real Guava juice 1 ltr


Real Grape Juice AUD $5

Real Grape Juice (1ltr)


Real pineapple juice AUD $5

Real pineapple juice 1 ltr


Real pineapple juice AUD $5

Real pineapple juice 1 ltr


Real Apricot juice AUD $5

Real Apricot juice 1 ltr


Real cranberry juice AUD $5

Real cranberry juice 1 ltr


Real pomagranate juice AUD $5

Real pomagranate juice 1 ltr


Real orange juice AUD $5

Real orange juice 1 ltr


Real mango juice AUD $5

Real mango juice 1 ltr


Real mixed fruit juice AUD $5

Real mixed fruit juice 1 ltr


Real litchi juice AUD $5

Real litchi juice 1 ltr


Peach Juice Can AUD $2

Peach Juice Can (230ml)


Pineapple Juice Can AUD $2

PineApple Juice Can (230ml)


Lychee Juice Can AUD $2

Lychee Juice Can (230ml)


Mango Juice Can AUD $2

Mango Juice Can (230ml)


Pomegranate Coolada Juice Can AUD $2

Pomegranate Coolada Juice Can (180ml)


Pomegranate Juice Can AUD $2

Pomegranate Juice Can (230ml)


Peach Juice Can AUD $2

Peach Juice Can (180ml)




Kathmandu Valley (Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur)



Direct Bank Transfer

    Bank Details:
    Bsb: 033183
    Acc Num: 579924
    Ac Name: Gift Nepal

Paypal Transfer

    Paypal ID: paypal.me/caketonepal

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